Managing your office move is a daunting task. There are so many factors to take into account, so many people involved and time to make things work is limited. There are several reasons why a business decides to move: maybe more success brings the need for more space. In order to make things easier, here is a list of key points, a sort of checklist (not comprehensive) to help you manage the removals process. It will work whether your office removal is in London or not.

Planning phase

office move checklist

  • Appoint an internal member of the company as office move coordinator
  • Set an office removal schedule
  • Get information on local office removal companies
  • Hire one and organise a visit of the old and the new office
  • Let employees know about the schedule and specific duties


Before the move

office removals

  • Evaluate office equipment – any replacement/upgrade required?
  • Close old utilities accounts and set up new ones
  • What kind of IT equipment does the new office need?
  • Arrange data back-up
  • Label items correctly
  • Brief the removal company on schedule, power outlets location and all move plan details.

Move Day

removals london

  • Appoint an old office removal supervisor
  • Appoint a new office removal supervisor
  • Be in touch with the removal company team
  • Be ready to contact any other team member throughout the move
  • Make sure that every employee has a map of the new office
  • Supervise final cleaning
  • Arrange a landlord inspection

After the move

office removals london

  • Create a “we have moved” sign with all new location details
  • Make sure the answerphone is updated
  • Make sure the website displays correct information
  • Make sure all your clients know about the move
  • Hold a “new office party” to celebrate!