Short Term Storage for Home, Office & Furniture in Sydney

BBC Removals does not offer exclusive storage facilities, but then this advantage is available on a third party basis. We can arrange a clean, secure and safe storage option for you while in the process of transit. By entrusting your properties in our care, you can ensure storage in purpose constructed modules that are created for enhancing the safety of every item. The removals storage facility is the perfect place where you can store carpets and rugs in specially designed spaces making sure that all of the items are maintained in the best possible condition. With dedicated storage, you can make sure about the safety of your belongings in and around Sydney.

The carpets and possessions are stored in the best possible condition. Our removalist can ensure the best third party short term storage facilities that just accommodate your requirements. You can access your belongings easily, based upon prior notification. This helps you add or eliminate the items from storage. We make use of reasonable modular storage systems that greatly decrease the amount of time which is required moving in and around the city. Once you use the storage facility, we will arrive at your place with the storing facility, load the possessions and ensure prompt transfer.


Secure Storage Options

We save your money as well as time. The highlights of our third party storage options are:

  • They are secure and clean
  • The services are reasonable and priced competitively
  • We are located in Sydney and very accessible

Unlike other removals Australia, we do not use lockup garage kind of storage in which the vehicle needs to be unloaded first before traveling stretches of the walkway with every single item each time for shifting into the desired location. We avoid this kind of storage as it involves more expenses and enhances the risks of the products getting damaged on the way. Our facilities are cheaper, but this does not indicate that we compromise on quality. You can avail of the best removals and storage at unbeatable rates.

We provide secure storage options, as opposed to self-storage that is provided by some removalist companies. What happens in secure storage is that here the customer takes responsibility of locking the storage and ensuring the safety of their belongings. It gives you unlimited accessibility to the items that are stored, being in total control of locking the cell.

While moving Sydney, we suggest that you go for secured storage. In this kind of storage, we will take responsibility of your belongings. This does not give the customer much access because they are not in charge. However, this is a desirable option if you are traveling on vacation and have little need for the stored goods. These facilities come cheap because you are only required to pay for the space that is being consumed by your goods.

If you are looking for a reliable home removalist, BBC Removals is the name to bank upon because we cater reliable services at affordable rates. With our third party storage facilities, you can rest assured about the security of your goods.